Partnership Net supports you to


Define your sponsorship B2B go-to-market (GTM) plan and approach Align the commercial team GTM approach with your brand identity, set concrete commercial targets per lines of business and identify opportunities for business development expansion (geographic and category)

Key activities

  1. Setup success targets
  2. Guiding principles
  3. B2B communication strategy


Build sponsoring intelligence for partner acquisition Select from the millions of brands scouted and develop a data driven Individual partner approach and customized rights & service package leading to a commercial playbook that will increase your conversion and build long lasting relationships

Key activities

  1. Data and analytics
  2. Negotiation
  3. Relationship building
  4. Communication


Let data guide you towards strategic decision-making Understand market dynamics, trends and performance of different sponsorship types across different industries to define strategic priorities and weigh trade-off decisions

Uncover commercial opportunities from your (dynamic) ecosystem

Key activities

  1. Product management
  2. Distribution


Drive impactful account management Design and implement a agency network, standard processes and tools for effective and systematic partner account planning, management and impact reporting which will allow you increase your NPS, identify under utilized/performing assets and build data assets for the future.

Key activities

  1. Partner management
  2. Engagement and success
  3. Business intelligence;
  4. Collaboration

Introducing partnership Net

The place where art and math team up to give rights holders an unrivalled competitive advantage in identifying, converting and managing sponsors.

Partner acquisition

Scale your commercial process via technology when you need it, how you need it

  • End-to-end support to the sponsorship commercial process
  • Provide you with a defendable pricing model that brands can relate to
  • Scan and rank millions of brands while investing no more than 2 hours
  • Automatically, create a brand-tailored commercial playbook
  • Get access to selected brands’ decision-makers’ contacts

Partner Success Management

Systematic, effective, and efficient account management of existing sponsors to achieve an account’s full potential

  • Continuous track and showcase of partnership activations impact
  • Identification of opportunities to increase value
  • Act as a brand consultant and ensure needed resources are in place for activating the partnership
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other partners
  • Gain and keep unique knowledge and collect showcase to be used in a future sales pitch

Go To Market Strategy

Leverage unique “buying side” insights to define/refine the got-to-market strategy

  • Share industry trends and opportunities
  • Recommend sponsorship model(s) that suit your proposition and position the best
  • Identify additional monetization opportunities by upskilling the commercial team into different brand target segments
  • Review and give improvement feedback to the current commercial materials and formats
  • Run impulse sessions with the executive team to, e.g. sensibilize for the need of resources and/or focus

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