What does Partnership Net stand for?

Dive into an ecosystem of data and analytics

The Partnership Net is an all-in-one platform for tracking, managing, and evaluating brand portfolios as well as every single property based on the business objectives. It processes more than 250k data points to support your decision-making, evaluates them according to advanced analytics models, and presents insights and investment recommendations. Partnership Net is continuously running in the background of your operations, turning your data into actionable insights and driving your business to more valuable sponsorship deals.


Key features

Analytical dashboard

Allows you to tap into different value drivers for individual sponsorships, their reach and audience overlap as well as direct and indirect effects on sales.

Contract management

Enables an instant overview of a global sponsoring portfolio. Helps to capture, store, curate and manage your data with regards to sponsoring or EIM properties.

Folder with a one-page contract inside of it and contract pages flying around it

Portfolio planning dashboard

Empowers you to track financial and objective-driven performance of the sponsoring portfolio at one glance.

Activation tracking

Provides clarity on where, how and when your sponsorships are activated. Evaluates the impact of the respective marketing activities on sales.

Chart with two tracking lines intersecting and leading to a spot on the map

The vision behind

Guided by a decade of experience managing one of the largest sponsorship portfolios globally, the A.S.I. Engine leverages the latest technological capabilities in AI with the pragmatism required to handle such a complex ecosystem. We have designed it to empower our clients with self-service tools to measure the impact of sponsorship and identify investment trade-offs, alternatives, and key value drivers.

Paulo Pinto
CEO, Partnership Net
External advisor, Bain & Company

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