Partnership Net was established to give back. Our founders have 30+ years of the industry experience being funnelled into the unique platform – the Partnership Net. While our data scientists work on tailored solutions and client success team is transforming information into actionable insights, the machine learning algorithms of the Partnership Net are getting better with every second. Given our high-performing teams and client-centric approaches, we aim to become the global authority in measuring sponsorship investments.

Create an ecosystem of data and analytics to manage, measure, and optimize the impact of sponsorship.

Unlock all hiden sponsorship value.

Talent can come from everywhere

We truly believe in it. Have a look at our team to see the confirmation! Sponsorship Intel has employees from 8 countries scattered all over Europe working together digitally. We are built up from different backgrounds and experiences and that is what keeps us sharp and focused.

Meet our team

Daydreamer who only wakes up to the calling of family, friends, and sports.

Passionate bee-keeper on the quest to find one currency in sponsorship evaluation.

Loves walks on the beach, specially with her most loyal companion, and advocate of the creative process, enjoying the submersion into a creative state of mind.

Traveler and sports player who likes going to the cinema and listen to music.

Enjoys nature, strategic innovation and problem solving

Hobby woodworker and gardener who loves to hang with his friends, meet new people and run across the river (when isn’t cold).

Nature lover and tennis player who likes philosophy and non-fiction books.

Introverted cat person, with a peculiar taste for complex problems that keep the brain busy.

Keen futsal player taking care of three cats and one dog, at least for now.

Video game aficionado with a passion for problem-solving.

Music lover who likes sports and sometimes enjoys cooking.

A cheerful jokester, mastering dry jokes while pursuing the perfect punchline. Enthusiastic about sports, aquariums, and exploring new realms of knowledge.

Why us?

Our journey

17 years of experimentation resulting in advocacy and recurrent revenue